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The Adopt-A-Tiger program is a mentoring program designed to aid students in the development of skills necessary for academic and social development.
The program is a one-on-one partnership between the student and an adult in which the mentor provides continual support.
The mentors are teachers and community leaders who are interested in helping young people strive for excellence.
To volunteer for the Adopt-A-Tiger program, please call (706)-748-4005 for more information.


The classroom guidance curriculum consists of structured, developmental classroom learning experiences designed by counselors
to assist Counseling Advisor Groups (CAG) with meaningful activities targeting the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.
Classroom guidance activities are designed to target the student's decision making skills, career choice and interests, as well as promoting student
success and high achievement.
Lessons are intended to help students achieve the competencies set forth by the state of Georgia and the American School Counseling Association (ASCA)
and are presented systematically through the classroom and group activities.


The purpose of C.R.I.M.S.O.N. is to:
1. Build and promote self-esteem.
2. Develop leadership and communication skills.
3. Develop strong character.
4. Encourage academic success.
5. Expose/Introduce members to acceptable business behavior.
6. Expose/Introduce members to qualities of becoming a gentleman.
7. Expose/Introduce members to standard social etiquette practices.
8. Foster a sense of unity on campus and throughout the community.


Guidance initiative to ensure the successful transition of all students from middle to high school and from high school (9-12)
into some form of post-secondary education or work. This initiative is designed to provide a comprehensive prevention/intervention program
for students at-risk of grade retention and/or dropping out. The role of the Dropout prevention liaison is to identify students
in need of additional support and work with them to achieve academic success. The liaison will work to ensure that all identified students
receive the resources/services that they need to be guided toward the path of graduation.


Extended Semester: 5th Block Program is a credit recovery program offered as an opportunity for students to recovery credits lost
in the first semester of the school year. There is no fee for the Extended Semester: 5th Block Program. Pre-registration is held the first
week of second semester and specific requirements must be met for students to qualify for admission into the program. Students are allowed
to take only one course in Extended Semester: 5th Block and it must be a class taken and failed the first semester of the year to obtain the credit.
Students must have approval from teacher whose course they have failed and a final grade in the range of 55-69 to recover the credit.
Students can recover only one credit in Extended Semester: 5th Block and must be approved by the Grade Level Counselor, Teacher and Principal.
Upon completion of the Extended Semester: 5th Block Program, student will earn a numeric grade of 70.


(1) Student will recover a credit in the content area only, no vocational/technical courses will be offered.
(2) Student will receive a numeric grade of 70 if they complete the program.
(3) Students must attend every class scheduled during the month of June in order to recover the credit. The last day will be July 1st.
(4) If you do not complete the course within the month of June, you will be withdrawn from the course and your grade will remain.
(5) If you are recovering a class that is required for you to be promoted to the next grade in the fall, the course must be
completed and credit awarded by the guidance department by July 1st.


G.W. Carver High School Guidance Department offers parents the opportunity to speak with counselors regarding their child’s academic, career, and social performance during after-school hours. Parents who work during school hours may call the guidance department and set up an appointment to meet with their student’s counselor to address questions and handle concerns that will keep your child on track for graduation.



Internal credit recovery is an agreement between the teacher, student and parent, in which the teacher has agreed to allow the student to recover credit(s) lost due to attendance or failure. Student will receive a numeric grade of a seventy (70) upon satisfactory completion of requirements.


Mix It Up day is a diversity based program which gives the students an opportunity to sit with someone new in the cafeteria (during their lunch block) for just one day in hopes to promote understanding and tolerance within our student body. We also encourage our faculty to participate.



The Peer Helpers Program at G.W. Carver High School is designed to help students to become socially and emotionally sound, and to promote caring relationships among peers. In the Peer Helpers Program, students are involved in peer mediation, peer tutoring, crisis management, conflict resolution as well as the Tiger Buddies. A “Tiger Buddy” is a mentoring program to help promote academic and emotional growth to incoming students and those seeking positive peer relationships.


Project Success I (PS) is an intervention service program designed for students from special populations as identified in the federal Carl D. Perkins legislation. The target population consist of students who are classified as juniors and potential fifth year cohorts with eighteen and nineteen credits. The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for students to sharpen their academic and employability skills as well as give them an opportunity to recover credits for courses in which they were previously academically unsuccessful in earning. The program is designed to give the students an opportunity during regular school business hours to achieve State and local requirements for graduation. The students learn about the world of work, gain confidence, maturity, and self-esteem through meeting academic challenges, completing projects, and earning the opportunity to graduate with their class. Upon completion of the course the students have an opportunity to earn a GeorgiaBEST Work Ethic Certification.


This component of the G.W. Carver High School guidance program consists of activities to meet students’ immediate needs. When students are faced with unexpected losses, disasters, or other unforeseen tragedies, the counseling department is available for individual and group counseling, consultation, referrals, and arranging peer mediation. Although counselors have special training in dealing with crisis management, at G.W. Carver High School, there is a shared responsibility when it comes to providing responsive services to students during their time of need.


“SADD is an inclusive, not an exclusive, organization. SADD recognizes that the pressures on young people to drink, use illicit drugs and engage in other unhealthy behaviors are strong. SADD seeks not to punish or alienate those students who make unfortunate choices but rather aims to inform, educate, support and empower young people to make positive decisions in their lives. SADD’s unique approach involves young people delivering education and prevention messages to their peers through school- and communitywide activities and campaigns responsive to the needs of their particular locations.”
For more information, visit the S.A.D.D. Website


Tiger Academy is a large group, advisement program designed for freshman to help transition them into high school. It is a twenty minute advisement held once a week to bridge the gap between middle school and high school. The program tries to replace fear and doubt with confidence and understanding about the culture of high school for incoming freshman. As educators we realize that some freshmen are unaware of the duties and responsibilities of a high school student. Tiger Academy attempts to educate freshman so that they will have less anxiety and make transitioning into high school easier. The program’s goal is to familiarize incoming freshman to the rigors of high school life, both in and out of the classroom which will eventually lead them to high school graduation. The overall aim of the Tiger Academy program at G.W. Carver High School is to positively affect the high school experience of all incoming freshman and ultimately improve the district’s graduation rate.


Tiger Camp is a summer program for incoming freshmen. This freshman orientation is a Guidance & Counseling Department based program to transition incoming freshmen to high school. The goal of this program is to decrease dropout, discipline, and absenteeism. Students experience greater success when they know what to expect.


Testing Out of Technical/Career And Languages, T.O.T.A.L., is an internal credit recovery program where a student can recover a credit by testing out of a CTAE elective and/or Foreign language class that they have failed with a range of 60-69.


At George Washington Carver High School we understand conditions are not always positive for students when they leave school. Students do not always have a peaceful place to study or a decent place to do homework. Because of these and other unexpected circumstances, the Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP) Program was implemented in the fall of 2006. The ZAP Program is a two-hour, after school program designed to help students who have one or more zeroes on classroom assignments and are at risk of failing the class. The ZAP Program is intended to help ensure the academic success of all students by affording them the opportunity to complete missing assignments. Students at risk of failure are referred by their teachers to the ZAP program to complete work. Upon completion of assignment(s) student will receive a maximum grade of 70, to replace the zero for that particular assignment(s).

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