2015-11-06 03:26:51
Please help quickly! A pool is in the shape of a cylinder, with a diameter of 16 meters, and a depth of 5 meters. A hose fills the pool up at a rate of 1 cubic meter every 5 minutes. 1.) After half an hour, what is the DEPTH of the pool? 2.) How much time (IN MINUTES) has passed when the pool is full?
2015-11-06 10:20:51

find the volume volume=hpir^2 d/2=r=16/2=8 1. hmm, ok, after 1/2 hour or 30 mins 30/5=6 6*1=6, 6 cubic meters volume=6, solve for height v=hpir^2 but r=8 all the time, solve for h 6=hpi8^2 6=hpi64 6/(64pi)=h the depth is [latex]frac{3}{32 pi}[/latex] meters or about 0.02984155182973037545666570563235 meters the depth is about 0.03 meters 2. the full volume is v=6pi8^2=6pi64=384pi 1 cubic meter every 5 mins so 384pi/1 is how many 5 mininute intervals so 384pi times 5=total minutes=1920pi minutes or about 6031.8578948924030178482752958966minutes