2015-11-02 13:52:06
PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! “In speaking of my mother you have touched a string to which my heart fully responds. To have known her is to be an object of great interest in my eyes. I myself never knew her—and never knew the affection of a father. Both died (as you may remember) within a few weeks of each other. I have many occasional dealings with Adversity—but the want of parental affection has been the heaviest of my trials.” In this passage, the author quotes Poe to define A. a cause of his dark themes. B. an effect of his dark themes. C. the central idea of his dark themes. D. the relationships in his dark themes.
2015-11-02 17:16:11

I believe the answer is A.

2015-11-02 17:17:26

I think the answer i A also