2015-11-01 17:53:36
1. What was John Locke’s part in the American Revolution? (1 point) He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was a spy for the Americans. He wrote the Constitution. His ideas influenced America’s founders. 2. What was the Enlightenment? (1 point) the time immediately following the American Revolution a movement started by the Sons of Liberty a time when people began discussing new ideas a word used by the British to describe their rule of the colonies 3. Which of the following would Montesquieu have approved of? (1 point) a totalitarian dictatorship checks and balances a theocracy the Articles of Confederation 4. Which principle of the Constitution was influenced by John Locke? (1 point) popular sovereignty federalism the Great Compromise the separation of powers
2015-11-02 00:04:56

1. Last option, his ideas influenced the founders. 2. a time when people disscused new ideas. 3. Im not to sure, but My advice is; if he is a bad fella then choose the most evil of the options lol and vice versa. 4. popular sovereignty. Hope this helps.