2016-09-29 19:26:21
99 Points, Pre Calculus and Limits question. Identify the functions that exhibit a jump discontinuity.
2016-09-29 20:00:46

there is a jump discontinuity if the graph approaches a differnt value as you approach from a differnt side so it would be like piecewise function y=x+1 for x<1 and y=x+3 for x≤1 the first function approaches 2 but the 2nd one approaches 4, so they do not approach the same value and therefor jump the easiest way is to evaluate the function for that value that they approach so f(x) using 9 for x in the fraction thing, we get -4/(277) for the bottom one we get 142 they do not approach the same number so it is a jump discontinuty g(x) for x=4, the quadratic equation approaches 18 for both of them no jump discontinuity h(x) for the cubic function, it spproaches 144 for the linear fuction is approaches 144 no jump discontinuity i(x) cubic function, it appraoches 25 liner function appraoches 25 no jump discinouity j(x) quadratic one appraohces 144 bottom one approahcesr 143 jump discontinuity yes bottom i(x) linear one approaches 22 bottom one approahces 21 jump disconintuity so the one that jump are f(x), j(x) and the bottom i(x)