2016-09-29 18:27:36
The 10th-grade class officers ordered t-shirts and sweatshirts to sell as a fundraiser. Each t-shirt weighed of a pound, and each sweatshirt weighed of a pound. The total weight of the contents of the box was pounds. Which equation written in standard form represents the number of t-shirts, t, and the number of sweatshirts, s, that were ordered? 2t + 3s = 175 3s = –2t + 175
2016-09-29 19:30:17

In this item, it is unclear of the weights of each of the t-shirt and sweatshirt. We first represent the weights of the t-shirts and the sweatshirts by t and s, respectively. If for example, each t-shirt weighs 2 pounds and each sweatshirt weighs 3 pounds, the answer would be the first choice.