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Read the excerpt from “Harriet Tubman: A Life of Toil and Triumph.” When her work in the South was finished, Harriet finally returned to her home in New York. There she helped former enslaved persons adjust to their new lives. It would seem like her life’s work was over, now that freedom and education for former enslaved persons was assured. However, a life of ease was not part of Harriet’s plan, and it was no surprise to those who knew her that she took up yet another cause. Before long she was off on a tour with Susan B. Anthony to rally support for women’s right to vote. Finally, at the age of 83, Harriet Tubman was ready to return home for good. She did so, and then immediately had a house built nearby to serve homeless seniors. She then worked at the Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged until 1911, when she became too frail to do so and was made an honorary resident. She died in 1913 at the age of 93 and was buried with full military honors. It was a fitting celebration for a woman who was born enslaved, yet chose to use her free life in ways that served us all. Which detail from the excerpt reveals a change in public attitude during Harriet Tubman’s lifetime? Tubman built a home for homeless seniors. Tubman was buried with full military honors. Tubman returned home at the age of 83. Tubman helped former slaves adjust to freedom.
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