2016-09-29 11:36:21
Bill and Janet are pulling on opposite sides of a table. Bill pulls with a force of 250 N to the left, and Janet pulls with a force of 325 N to the right. What is the net force on the table?
2016-09-29 16:59:45

In order to solve this, we need to define first what is a net force. Well, the net force is the total or the summation of all forces acting on the body. In this problem, we are given with two forces such as force 1 which is equal to 250 N (to the left) and force 2 which is equal to 325N (to the right). Since two forces are in opposite direction, we need to assign a negative sign to the force going to the left and we assign a positive sign to the force going to the right. The solution is shown below: Net force = (+325) + (-250) Net force = 175 N The answer is 175N going to the right.