2016-09-27 22:12:06
Kim ran 3 one-mile races, 6 two-mile races, 4 five-mile races, and 1 ten-mile race. What is the mean number of miles Kim ran in the races? Show your work! (Hint: Find the total length of ALL races and the total number of races.)
2016-09-28 00:14:06

To find means number, you need to find the sum of all number and divided it for 14 in this case. We know that: Kim ran 3 one-mile races, which is 3 miles total Kim ran 6 two-mile races, which is 6×2=12 miles total Kim ran 4 five-mile races, which is 4×5=20 miles total Kim ran 1 ten-mile race, which is 10 miles total, which means that Kim ran total: 3+12+20+10=45 miles, then the means will be: 45/14≈3.21. As a result, the means is about 3.21. Hope it help!