2016-09-23 01:40:51
Which of the following excerpts from Sandra Cisneros’s story "Mericans" best reveals the influence of American culture on the children? A. We’re waiting for the awful grandmother who is inside dropping pesos into la ofrenda box before the altar to La Divina Providencia.” B. “Some with fat rags tied around their legs and others with pillows, one to kneel on, and one to flop ahead.” C. “‘I’m Flash Gordon. You’re Ming the Merciless and the Mud People.’ I don’t mind being Ming the Merciless, but I don’t like being the Mud People.” D. “Why do churches smell like the inside of an ear? Like incense and the dark and candles in blue glass?”
2016-09-23 02:39:43

some with fat rags glass and