2016-09-22 08:03:21
What is the difference between voice and tone? A. Voice is the actual words used and tone is the attitude behind the words. B. Tone is what the character’s say and voice is what the narrator says. C. Voice and tone are synonymous. D. Voice is the author’s attitude and tone is the reader’s attitude.
2016-09-22 12:46:49

A is the correct answer Voice is the steady personality of your writing. Tone is the moods and attitudes conveyed by the individual songs. These will vary more frequently, but within the confines of the overarching personality. Tone is the shifting moods and attitudes of your individual pieces. Like my answer? Leave a thanks on this and on my profile, and help out with me being the brainiest answer! Hope that helps! If I was wrong I apologize but understand I am human too and that I was only trying to help ~10008022