2016-09-22 01:00:21
Sally is examining some untitled diagrams. One diagram shows a cotyledon, primary leaf, and hypocotyls, whereas the other diagram shows presence of coleoptile, primary leaf, and primary root. What do these diagrams depict? A. germinating seeds of a dicot and a monocot respectively B. germinating seeds of monocot and a dicot repectively C. fertilizing ovules of a manocot and a dicot respectively
2016-09-22 04:31:47

The correct answer is letter B: germinating seeds of monocot and a dicot repectively. The diagrams show growth of seeds that are known as monocots and dicots. Monocots and dicots differ by way that their roots grow through the soil. Monocots have roots that grow downwards while Dicots have roots that shoot toward the surface and then dives back again into the soil. Both of these seeds use their cotyledons as food sources.