2016-09-20 11:24:21
My stomach feels like it’s tightening into a tiny little ball. I feel like throwing up. I keep thinking that I’ll get laughed at the minute I step off the bus. Instead, I’m greeted by a couple of my friends who were in my English class last year. At that point, it hits me. Ms. Gruwell, my crazy English teacher from last year, is really the only person who made me think of hope for my future. Talking with my friends about our English class and the adventures we had the year before, I began to feel better . . . . I receive my class schedule and the first teacher on the list is Ms. Gruwell in Room 203. I walk in the room and I feel as though all the problems in my life are not important anymore. I am home. Based on this excerpt, what is the author’s purpose for writing? to persuade to teach to heal to entertain
2016-09-20 13:02:14

To teach, as he is teaching the reader at the end that your problems will all go away when you find that certain person.