2016-09-19 21:06:36
Read the following passage and answer the question. I’ll never find one – no matter where I go, not even if I went back to mother and father, the house where I was born and my parents reared me once. Ah, but much as I grieve for them, much as I long to lay my eyes on them. Set food on the old soil, it’s longing for him, him that wrings my heart – Odysseus, lost and gone! That man, old friend, far away as he is… I can scarcely bear to say his name aloud, so deeply he loved me, cared for me, so deeply. Worlds away as he is, I call him my Master, Brother!” Who is the speaker of this passage? Telemachus Odysseus Eumaeus Melanthius
2016-09-19 22:54:41

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