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Bias includes __________. the journalist’s opinions the editor’s opinions popular views any of the above QUESTION 2 The lead of a news story includes opinions about the story. True False QUESTION 3 Sentences in a news article should be short and to the point. True False QUESTION 4 In 1775, the ____________________________ decided what could be printed in a newspaper. British Government local government federal government church QUESTION 5 When an editor has to cut a news story, she cuts from the top first. True False QUESTION 6 Journalists use the inverted pyramid to appear credible in the eyes of readers and viewers. True False QUESTION 7 A good reporter writes with ______________. clarity accuracy style all of the above QUESTION 8 Many governments fear that a free press will cause people to __________. question the authority of the government. start riots want to live somewhere else stop buying newspapers QUESTION 9 A story’s placement in a newspaper can reveal __________. what is on sale bias advertisements all of the above QUESTION 10 Choose the situation in which the reporting appears to be most accurate: An editor cuts out all quotations from one source in a story. An editor cuts all the facts out of a story and adds in opinions. An editor cuts a story because she doesn’t like the viewpoint. An editor runs an interesting story with a balanced set of views.
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an editor runs an interesting story try that one