2016-09-19 02:30:21
Hi, I’m Marcy! Many of you know me from your ninth grade classes. I’m running for student body president because I know I can make a positive difference for you, my fellow students, and for the school. I think I will make a good president because I am honest, trustworthy, and I’m behaving responsibly. I will set a good example for the school. I have many plans for the student council, such as making the council more organized, to ensure everyone has a voice, and I’ll be managing meetings more efficiently. I will take your suggestions into consideration and try to implement as many as possible. I will convince the school board to install vending machines with healthier snacks in the school cafeteria and ensuring that they review the cafeteria lunch menu to include healthier meal options. A healthy student body is a happy student body! I also plan to organize more school dances and give my fellow students more opportunities to interact socially.
2016-09-19 06:17:37

Good, you should. School now a days are not having healthy food choices and or the milk is expired. Or even the food is over cooked, or not cooked enough.