2015-10-31 01:44:51
during the summer you work 30 hours per week at a gas station and earned $8.75 per hour. You also work as a landscaper for $11 per hour and your work as many hours as you want. You want to earn a total of $400 per week. How many hours mostly work as a landscaper?
2015-10-31 07:36:07

a very minimum of 12.5 because 30x8.75= 262.5 and when you subtract that from 400 you get 137.5 and that divided by 11 equals 12.5 

2015-10-31 07:37:22

so first we need to find out how much money you earn at the gas station 30 multiplied by 8.75 is $262.50 then subtract that from 400 and you get $137.50 But we need to find how how many hour you need to work to get that much money so you divide that by 11. You need to work 12 1/2 hours that rounds to 13, so 13 hours total. Hope this helps!