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To get this answer, multiply 40 x 33% which is also 40 x .33 (as a decimal). This will give you the amount to take off of the original price. Then subtract the discount amount from the original price to get what the new price is. 40 x .33 = 13.20 40 - 13.20 = 26.80 The new price is $26.80!

2021-06-11 07:59:40

$40 sweater that has a 33% discount: First, whether finding the increased price or the discount price, always change the percentage into a number we can use to calculate. Divide the percentage (33%) by 100%.  [latex] frac{33}{100} = 0.33[/latex] An easy was for the next step is to ask yourself; what is 33% of 40? Figure this out by multiplying the number we just got, plus the original price of the sweater. [latex]0.33 * 40 = 13.2[/latex] Knowing that you will save $13.20 on this sweater, you can now subtract the original price of the sweater with the discount price to see how much you pay in total. [latex]40 - 13.2 = 26.8[/latex] Answer: $26.80