2021-06-09 14:07:06
How does this level of organization relate to cells to organ systems
2021-06-09 17:08:06

The cellular organization relates with one another since the colossal cell, the organ system is fundamentally composed of cells. Cells are the building blocks of these structures and which creates such organ and organ system. They associate as one cell intercommunicates with another cell until all received the message and translates it and sends it with another organ and to cell -vice-versa. And also, they become interdependent with the other cell -other tissue -other organs -other organ system.  Cells when grouped form tissues, when group of tissues are formed together they make organs, some organisms skip from organs to organs systems to form an existing organism as a whole. Describing how is the cells group is the process of multiplication of cell or the so-called cell division, mitosis.This mechanism of each cell produces another cell that binds together and produces again, repeatedly, to be a larger system called now the tissue as explained earlier. How? Through cell division called, mitosis. Excerptmeiosis –cell division specifically in the sex cells.