2021-06-09 05:53:36
In peas, yellow seed color (Y) is dominant to green seed color (y). A homozygous green pea plant is crossed with a heterozygous yellow pea plant. What is the predicted phenotypic ratio of the offspring? A.50 percent yellow, 50 percent green B.50 percent Yy, 50 percent yy C.100 percent yellow, 0 percent green D.100 percent Yy, 0 percent yy
2021-06-09 08:21:19

The predicted phenotypic ratio of the offspring in a cross of homozygous green pea and heterozygous yellow pea plant is A.50 percent yellow, 50 percent green. The possible genotypes (and their phenotypes) are: dominant homozygous YY (yellow seeds), heterozygous Yy (yellow seeds), and recessive homozygous yy (green seeds). In a cross of plants with genotypes yy and Yy, the offspring will be: 2 Yy and 2 yy. In other words, there will be 50% of heterozygous peas with yellow seeds and 50% of recessive homozygous peas with green seeds.