2021-05-16 20:14:36
A 28,000-gallon swimming pool is being drained using a pump that empties 700 gallons per hour. Which equation models this situation if g is the number of gallons remaining in the pool and t is the amount of time in hours the pool has been draining?
2021-05-16 22:03:56

You can start by making a table that will permit you visualize the model. Start with 28,000 and subtract 700 hundreed step by step, in this way: 1) 28,000 - 700; 2) 28,000 - 2(700); 3) 28,000 - 3(700) ... then you can observe that after t hours the remaining number of gallos in the pool is 28,000 - 700t. So, the equation that models this situation is g(t) = 28,000 - 700t.