2021-05-04 20:22:06
What are the three common patterns of population distribution? a. clumped, random, and curved b. evenly spaced, clumped, and curved c. clumped, evenly spaced, and random d. random, curved, and evenly spaced
2021-05-05 01:17:54

c. clumped, evenly spaced, and random There are three common patterns of population distribution. These are clumped, uniform or evenly spaced and random. Clumped distribution is the most common type found in nature. The distance between neighboring individual is at a minimum. This is common among organisms that are usually preyed such as in herds or family groups. Evenly spaced distribution maximizes the distances between individuals. There is usually competition for a resource. Penguins are an example of this distribution. Random distribution or unpredictable spacing is the least common among the three. Each individual is independent of the other. They occur in environments that have consistent environmental resources and conditions.