2021-04-18 08:00:06
When conducting scientific research, any information that is found must be analyzed to determine its validity. Joel is a firm believer that exposure to cold weather can cause the common cold. He conducts online research about this topic. Of the excerpts below, which would be considered biased?
2021-04-18 08:22:51

c. Cold and flu season occurs when the weather is cold, so there must be a connection. Data’s conclusion is considered valid if the experiment validity is being controlled. With this conclusion validity, our data gathered and presented are considered a reasonable one. It is the most important types of validity. As what is said, by having conclusion validity, your data will be undoubtedly least considered since it is labelled as statistical and well-studied. Once you already mention the word statistics meaning it is studied and surveyed with the most of the human race and includes relationship in your data.