2021-04-08 14:57:36
the measure of one angle is eleven more than four times a number another angle is twice the first angles measure the sum of the measures of the angles are 195 degrees what is the measure of each angle
2021-04-08 18:43:47

Answer=65° & 130° 195°=angle1+angle2 195°=(11+4x)+2(11+4x) 195°=33+12x subtract 33 for both sides 162=12x 13.5=x Now lets solve for the measure of the angles angle1=11+4x angle1=11+4(13.5) angle1=11+54 angle1=65° angle2=2(11+4x) angle2=2(11+4(33.5)) angle2=2(11+54) angle2=2(65) angle2=130°

2021-04-08 18:45:02

x, y, and z are the angles so x is 11 more than 4 times y x=11+4y z is twice the first angles measure z=2x the sum of the angles is 195 x+y+z=195 so we have x=11+4y z=2x and x+y+z=195 make everything y subsitute 11+4y for x 11+4y+y+z=195 subsitute 2x for z 11+4y+y+2x=195 subsitute 11+4y for x 11+4y+y+2(11+4y)=195 distribute 11+4y+y+22+8y=195 group according to type (4y+y+8y)+(11+22)=195 add like terms 13y+33=195 subtract 33 from both sides 13y=162 divide both sides by 13 y=12 and 8/13 subsitute x=11+4y x=11+4(12 and 6/13) x=11+48 and 24/13 x=11+49 and 11/13 x=60 and 11/13 z=2x z=2(60 and 11/13) z=120 and 22/13 z=121 and 9/13 the angles are 12 and 6/13 60 and 11/13 121 and 9/13 or aprox 12.46 60.85 121.69