2021-04-08 05:33:36
Sophia exchanged 1000 U.S. dollars for the South African currency, which is called the rand. The exchange rate was 7.15 rand to $1. How many south african rand did sophia get? please explain how you know. Part B Sophia spent 6,274 rand on her trip. The exchange rate was 1 rand to $0.14. How many US dollars did Sophia get? please support your answer. thank you so much!!!
2021-04-08 10:17:02

Part a:- 7.15 rands = 1 dollar So we are going to MULTIPLY to find out how many rands there are going to be. 1000 × 7.15 = 7150 So, 7150 rands is your answer.  Part b:- To do this first we will DIVIDE.  6274 ÷ 7.15 ≈ 877.482....... So, 6274 rands is ABOUT $878. Par a:- 7150 rands Part b:- about $878. Hope I helped ya!!!!!