2021-02-23 11:28:51
On a game show, you get to throw a dart at a circle of radius 50 inches. If you miss, you get to throw again until you hit the circle. How much money you win is determined by finding the product of the x and y coordinates of the point you hit. You want to determine the coordinates of the point that will maximize your winnings. Part a says to write the equation(s) you will be working with in this problem. Part b says Use calculus to determine the coordinates of any point on the circle that will give you the largest possible money winnings. Round to the nearest hundredth. Note:that point must be ON the circle not outside or inside the circle
2021-02-23 14:34:24

There is a Math website that has a lot of Calculus story problems. He shows you how to solve problems. also on Youtube; Patrickjmt channel. The Yourmathgal channel is also good, both have over 800 videos. Have gone to both since 2011.