2021-02-23 10:18:21
When atoms are organized in repeating patterns, they generally make a _________.
2021-02-23 10:24:42

Answer : Solid. There are two main types of solids. Crystalline and Amorphous. 1. Amorphous solids,(also called noncrystalline) are solids that have no identical structure to them.  2.  → Crystalline solids are the ones that have the repeating atom patterns. The smallest example of this is the Unit cell. When the Unit cell repeats itself it makes up several points of a lattice. (Seen as a 3-D figure). In the image I attached what you see is three different types of Cubic Unit cells.(image1) The types of unit cells are slightly different, but all have equal points of symmetry. When the unit cell itself repeats itself, it creates a larger more complex structure, the lattice.(image2) I hope that helps. The distinction is important.