2016-04-18 12:08:21
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of money? Question 1 options: It is transferable. It is accepted everywhere. It is difficult to divide. It is easy to carry around. Save Question 2 (2 points) Question 2 Unsaved You are able to purchase goods with paper money because it acts as a Question 2 options: unit of account. store of value. certificate of debt medium of exchange Save Question 3 (2 points) Question 3 Unsaved Which of the following government agencies determines how much money is in the economy? Question 3 options: Treasury Department Federal Reserve Bureau of Minting and Engraving Office of Management and Budgeting Save Question 4 (2 points) Question 4 Unsaved Which of the following functions is NOT provided by financial institutions? Question 4 options: collecting taxes storing money providing opportunities for investing lending money Save Question 5 (2 points) Question 5 Unsaved Which of the following financial institutions is known as a cooperative association? Question 5 options: commercial banks credit unions savings banks finance companies Save
2016-04-18 19:05:01

1) its is accepted everywhere 2)certificate of debt medium of exchange 3)treasury 4)opportunities for investing 5)okay?