2016-04-17 17:20:21
what ithe distance from (3 1/2,5) to (3 1/2,-12)
2016-04-17 19:34:27

Since the y coordinate is the same for both points we only need to know the change in the x coordinates to find the distance between these two points. 5--12=17 So these two points are 17 units apart.

2016-04-17 19:35:42

Hey!Hope this helps...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Questions like these are really simple to answer, for one, all you have to know is Rise over Run (or Rise/Run)... This being: Rise: the distance from one y value to the other... Run: the distance from one x value to the other... Naturally graph points are represented as (x, y). So, all we need to is do the math.... For Rise: the distance from 5 to -12 is 17... For Run: the distance from 3.5 (or 3 1/2) to 3.5 is 0, but because the denominator of ANY fraction can never be 0, we will change it to 1... So, our equation looks like: 17/1 (or 17 over 1)... And our answer is: The 2 points are EXACTLY 17 units apart...