2016-04-16 03:20:51
HELP PLEASE. STRUGGLING. Which of the following is true in an acidic solution? A)The molarity of hydroxide is double the molarity of hydronium. B)The molarity of hydroxide is equal to the molarity of hydronium. C)The molarity of hydroxide is lower than the molarity of hydronium. D)The molarity of hydroxide is higher than the molarity of hydronium.
2016-04-16 10:06:07

The statement that would be held true for an acidic solution would be option C. The molarity or concentration of the hydronium ions would be more than that of the hydroxide ions. As the acidity of a solution increases as there is a greater amount of H+ or H3O+ ions present, within it. This is will give us a low pH and thus is quite acidic. If the concentrations of the OH- and H3O+ are the same then the solution would be neutral, and if the opposite is true. The concentration of OH- is more than H3O+ than the solution would be basic.