2016-04-15 09:55:06
explain why is it important that the federal government and the state governments have separate as well as shared powers. Cite at least three examples in order to substantiate your analysis
2016-04-15 15:21:17

The judicial Branch of the government is made up of judges and courts. Judges are appointed by the president and then confirmed by the Senate unlike the election of the president and the congress. There is a hierarchy of federal courts in the United States. The first level is the Supreme Court. They have the final say of the matter. They are composed of Federal judges who are appointed for life. They can only be removed from office when they die or by impeachment by the Congress. The second level is the district courts. They cover area of the countries and handle most of the federal cases. The job of these courts is to interpret the laws of the Congress. They do not make laws and only make decisions on actual cases where someone has shown that they have been harmed