2016-04-13 11:53:51
A spinner and 4 cards are shown below: A spinner with 5 equal sectors is shown in the figure. The colors Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Red are marked on it. The arrow points at the purple color. Four cards are shown on the right side. The colors Red, Yellow, Blue, and Pink are marked on them. Jane spins the spinner and selects a card without looking. What is the probability that the spinner stops at purple and a pink card is selected?
2016-04-13 12:11:42

1) Sample space of the spinner={Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red}=5 2) Sample space of the cards={Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink }=4 1) P(spinner stops at purple) = 1/5 2) P(pink card selected) = 1/4 1) AND 2) are conditional probabilities: P(spinner stops at purple ∩ pink card selected ) = (1/5)(1/4) = 1/20 =0.05

2016-04-13 12:12:57

The spinner has a 1/5 chance of landing on purple, since the number of favorable outcomes is the numerator, and the number of possible outcomes is the denominator. There are four cards, which means they have a 1/4 chance of picking pink, for the same reason as above. 1/5 x 1/4 = 4/5 4/5 = 80% chance. Hope that helped.