2016-04-12 07:06:36
BRAINLIEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!! Name 3 individuals who signed the U.S Constitution and what age were they when they signed it?
2016-04-12 11:07:48

Hi. The U.S Constitution was signed on September 17th, 1787 by 39 delegates. 12/13 states (at the time) signed this document. 74 were named, 55 attended and 39 signed. Here are 3 of the signers, their names and their ages at the time it was written/signed. Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania (age 81 at time of signature) James Madison of Virginia (age 36 at time of signature) Alexander Hamilton of New York (age 30-32 at time of signature) Hope this helps!

2016-04-12 11:09:03

Jonathan Dayton was 26 years old and he was the youngest to sign the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin was 81 years old and he was the oldest to sign the Constitution. George Read was 43 or 42 years old.