2016-04-11 01:20:36
Write the empirical formula of at least four binary ionic compounds that could be formed from the following ions: , V+5 , Cl− , O−2
2016-04-11 04:59:27

Bynari means that the compound is formed by two kind of elements. You have listed three ions, V 5+, Cl - and O 2-. Binary ionic compounds are formed by a positive ion and a negative ion, so the possible ionic compound formed by the listed ions are: 1) VCl5, where the number 5 next to Cl is a subscript. 2) V2O5, where the number 2 next to V and the number 5 next to O are subscripts. Subscripts are used to indicate the number of atoms of each element in the formula. So, the empirical formula searched are VCl5 and V2O5. I can give you other examples with more ions. Ca (2+) and S(2-) => Ca2S2 => CaS Na(+) and F(-) => NaF Cs(+) and Br(-) => CsBr