2016-04-11 00:57:06
A bag contains 15 dark chocolates, 16 caramel chocolates, and 19 milk chocolates. The probability that Amber’s teacher distributes the chocolates among her students is 0.4. If the teacher offers Amber a chocolate from the bag, the probability that she randomly picks either a caramel chocolate or a dark chocolate is
2016-04-11 03:01:02

To solve, first find the total of all the sweets: 15 + 16 + 19 = 50. Then, add together the caramel chocolates and the dark chocolates: 16 + 15 = 31. To find the probability, set up a fraction with the combinatio nof caramel in dark chocolates in the numerator, and the total in the denominator: 31/50. So, Amber will have a 31 out of 50 chance to randomly pick either caramel chocolate or dark chocolate.