2016-04-10 05:33:51
A rectangular gasoline tank can hold 36.0 kg of gasoline when full. what is the depth of the tank (in m) if it is 0.450 m wide by 0.900 m long? m (b) what is the volume of the tank (in gal)? (it is suitable for a passenger car.) gal
2016-04-10 12:14:34

Let h =  depth of the rectangular tank. Its volume is V = (0.450 m)*(0.900 m)*(h m)    = 0.405h m³ The density of gasoline is about 0.77 kg/L = 719.7 kg/m³. Because the mass of gasoline is given as  36.0 kg, its volume is V = (36.0 kg)/(719.7 kg/m³)     = 0.05 m³ Therefore, 0.405h = 0.05           h = 0.1235 m  The capacity of the tank in gallons is (36 kg)/(0.77 kg/L) = 46.75 L Because 1 L = 0.264 gal, the capacity is (46.75 L)/(1/0.264 L/gal) = 177.1 gal. A typical passenger can hold between 12 and 17 gallons, so this tank is too large. Answer: The depth is 0.1235 m. The volume is 0.05 m³. The tank is too large for a passenger car.