2016-04-09 23:53:06
What is the probability that a fair die never comes up an even number when it is rolled six times? (note: enter the value of probability in decimal format and round it to three decimal places.)?
2016-04-10 04:29:19

Let us compute first the probability of ending up an odd number when rolling a dice. A dice has faces with numbers 1 up to 6. The odd numbers within that is 3 (1, 3 and 5). Therefore, each dice has a probability of 3/6 or 1/2. Then, you use the repeated trials formula: Probability = n!/r!(n-r)! * p^r * q^(n-r), where n is the number of tries (n=6), r is the number tries where you get an even number (r=0), p is the probability of having an even face and q is the probability of having an odd face. Probability = 6!/0!(6!) * (1/2)^0 * (1/2)^6 Probability = 1/64 Therefore, the probability is 1/64 or 1.56%.