2016-04-09 21:08:36
Once a person has been trained to operate a lift truck, they are authorized to use any type of lifting device
2016-04-10 01:45:56

  The answer is FALSE; an operator is only trained to operate a narrow aisle lift truck which is indicated on the permit of OSHA that has very clear standards that employees must follow. If an operator is in need to operate a lifting device with a larger capacity or a different kind of a lifting device, an operator will need conversion training with the class of lifting truck. It is not allowed to operate any lifting truck without proper training, authorized and employer certified on the specific class of lift truck. Once an operator is certified, he is responsible for the following safety procedures outlined in the training, truck manufacturers owner, operator’s manual, and company’s policies and procedures. The employer is intended to certify that each operator has been qualified and assessed as compulsory. Preceding to the employer verifying the operator: the operator must obtain classroom type training, hands on training and an assessment.