2016-04-08 21:15:06
America has fostered a culture in which many feel they should not have to work to achieve results. Some employers complain that recent graduates are lazy and unmotivated. The business world, in particular, has lowered its expectations of new college graduates entering the workforce. The same jobs require fewer skills and less education than they did in previous decades. While this phenomenon may trace its origins to the fact that businesses received less-qualified candidates, it has turned into a vicious cycle. The fewer qualifications the business world demands, the less education our youth pursue and the lower educational standards become. What type of paragraph organization is used in the passage?
2016-04-08 22:18:49

The paragraph organization exemplified here is one of making general statements and then giving particular examples to illustrate the meaning of the statements so going from the general to the particular I would say. For example a statement that recent graduates are lazy and unmotivated at the beginning, is explained by saying that the fewer qualifications that the business world demands then the less well educated do the youth become;